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Tri-City FAQs

Question: What are your office hours?
Answer: Our office is open from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday with lunch from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. However, our receptionist is available during that time to take phone calls. We are also closed for bank observed holidays: New Years, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Holiday, Christmas Holiday.
Question: What do I do if I have an emergency and your office is closed?
Answer: We have a 24 hour emergency department that deals with afterhours calls. Please contact our main phone number 480-844-2224 and follow the prompts to be directed to our emergency on-call department.
Question: I need to contact my Community Manager but don't have his/her information.
Answer: If you know your Community Manager's first and last name, you can find their contact information by clicking HERE.  If you don't know your Community Manager's first and last name, you can send a quick CHAT to us and you will be provided with their contact information.
Question: I am a vendor and would like to do a Brunch and Learn for your Community Managers.  How can I get a time and date set up?
Answer: Click HERE to submit a Brunch and Learn request.  Someone from our Executive Team will reach out to you for further instruction/information.
Question: Does my Community have their own website?
Answer: To see if your Community has a website, click HERE to be redirected to a list of our current communities who have a website.  If you did not receive the initial flyer in the mail or via email, you can contact the Websites Customer Service at 855-373-5722.

Association Vendor FAQs

Question: I need to update our company information (address, insurance, W-9 and etc.), how can I get our current information to you?
Answer: Click HERE for more information on how to get us your current information.
Question: Where can I send you my invoice for work I've done at one of the Communities that you manage?
Answer: Please send all invoices to or to the following mailing address:

Association Name
c/o Dept 380 - Tri-City Property Management
P.O. BOX 4579, Dept. 380
Houston, TX  77210-4579
Question: I have a question about an unpaid invoice that I submitted for payment.  Who do I need to contact?
Answer: Please contact our Accounts Payable at or by phone by calling 480-844-2224 and asking to be transferred to our Accounts Payable Department.
Question: I want to become a preferred vendor list, how can I?
Answer: We are part of an organization called AACM (Arizona Association of Community Managers) and we first like to work with their preferred vendors before seeking companies outside of the organization.  Feel free to email your contact information and information about your company to where your information will be distributed to our Community Managers.  If you would like more information on how to become an affiliate partner of AACM, visit their website at

Homeowner Information FAQs

Question: How do I change my mailing address? Phone Number? Email Address?
Answer: All changes to your personal information needs to be received in writing.  Please click HERE to submit changes to your personal information.

Question: I am a homeowner who is interested in knowing more about my community.  Can I attend one of the HOA board meetings?
Answer: All open board meetings may be attended by its members.  Don't know when your next open board meeting is?  You can find out by contacting our office at 480-844-2224 and your call will be transferred to a representative who can provide you with the open board meeting date, time and location.  You can also send us a quick CHAT to find out that information.
Question: Can I view my current balance online?
Answer: Yes, you can view your current account history by logging into your Community's website HERE.
Question: I am a new homeowner/current homeowner and I need to get a gate remote, pool key, FOB and need to know how much it costs.
Answer: Please contact our office at 480-844-2224 and our Receptionist will forward your call to a representative that can assist you.

Maintenance Information FAQs

Question: I need to submit a Maintenance request, how can I submit a request?
Answer: You can submit a Maintenance request by clicking HERE.

Compliance / Violation FAQs

Question: I need to Report a Violation, how can I report?
Answer: You can Report a Violation by clicking HERE.  Please be sure to read the disclaimer along with the terms and conditions that come with reporting a violation per the Arizona State Statute.

Question: I received a violation notice and I want to dispute it.  How can I dispute it?
Answer: Disputing any violations need to be done in writing.  You may send your dispute via email to

Accounting / Collections Information FAQs

Question: Can I pay my monthly assessments by bringing cash directly to your office?
Answer: No; we only accept checks and money orders.

Question: Can I pay over the phone? Or with a credit card?
Answer: We cannot take your payment information over the phone, but you can pay by credit/debit card by clicking HERE to see our payment options.  There, you will be redirected to a third party credit card processing company.  Please note, there is a fee for making your payment in this manner.  Payments can also be set up as reoccuring.

Question: I would like to make an online payment, how can I do so?
Answer: We have a few methods that you can make your payment online.  Click HERE to see our online payment options.

Question: My online bill pay check was drafted from my account but the Association did not receive it, how is that possible?
Answer: Nearly all online bill pay services debit your account and print a paper check, mailing it to our office or lockbox.  Debiting your account does not mean we received your payment, as it still has to be sent to us through the mail.  Only your bank or bill pay service can help you with a stop payment and credit your account for those funds.
Question: Where can I find my Account Number? I am trying to set up a bill pay service and won't be using coupons.
Answer: Your account number is located in the lower LEFT hand corner of your payment coupon embedded in the series of numbers that run along the lowest line.  You can see an example below:

1136 000275 000000000012-001 JOHN DOE000 040200 1
Please note, for some associations, your account number might contain alpha characters

Please note that your account number may be different from your lot number.  The bank that operates the lockbox for Tri-City Property Management uses this unique number to identify your lot.  Be sure to make your check payable to the name of your Comunity, and not to Tri-City Property Management.

Question: I received a collection notice and I want to dispute it.  How can I dispute it?
Answer: Disputing any fees needs to be done in writing.  You may send your dispute via email to

Question: I am having financial difficulties or have lost my employment.  Is there any way that I can establish a payment plan to get caught up on my assessment payments?
Answer: Although we have to take direction from the Board of Directors at each Association we manage; nearly every community will allow a payment plan to help its members get back on track with your periodic assessments.  Please contact to discuss further.

Question: I have a lien on my property and I want to have it released, How can I have it released?
Answer: In order to have the lien released, you will need to make a payment in full and once the payment has cleared, we will take the necessary steps to have the lien released with the County in which your property reside in.

If you don't see an answer to your question, click HERE to submit an Accounting / Collections request.

Escrow / Mortgage FAQs

Question: My mortgage company is requesting that I provided them with proof that I have insurance through the Association; how do I obtain this proof?
Answer: Not all homeowner associations provide coverage on the structure of the home. If yours does, you need to contact your Associations insurance company and request a Certificate of Insurance, then provide that to your mortgage company.

Question: My mortgage company is requesting a recent statement of my HOA dues.  How can I obtain my recent statement of account?
Answer: Please send an email to and a representative from our Accounting Department will send you your most recent statement of account.

Question: I am from a Title Company / Mortgage Underwriter and I need to know how I can obtain the transfer and disclosure fee information and various community information.
Answer: Click HERE to be redirected to our Escrow / Mortgage page.

Board Member FAQs

Question: I’m interested in getting involved on my community’s Board of Directors. Who do I contact?
Answer: You may contact our office at (480) 844-2224 or email us at to be directed to your Community Manager. They will be able to provide you all of that information and advise you when the next election will take place.

Don't see any of the answers you are looking for?  Send us a quick chat and a representative will be able to assist you further.  CHAT NOW!

Don't want to chat with us?  Click HERE to submit a General Question / Request.

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